Our Story

Hello, my fellow Fur Baby Lovers, IVF Warriors, and Rich Aunties! I am so very honored to bring Fur Baby Mommas™ to you and your loved ones so thank you for gracing us with your presence today.

Now, let me introduce myself… My name is Martienne, the owner of Fur Baby Mommas™, and believe it or not, if you would have told me 10 years ago, this is where I would be, there is no way I would believe you. Growing up, I was not a “dog person.” Unluckily, I still have the wounds to prove that I was chased by many but that all changed when I moved to Denver for my second-year residency. Shout out to Ashley and Kali! It was those two sriracha lovers who revealed to me that fur babies had a loving, nurturing side and showed me what true love between a fur baby momma and fur baby should look like!

Fast forward to the day my husband popped the big question along with Storm, a sassy, blue Cane Corso who has absolutely stolen my heart in ways that I never imagined. That day my husband, André, the true entrepreneur of the family, changed all our lives. Anyone that knows me is FULLY aware of the hold that Ms. Storm has on me. To see her zoomies and wag her tail when momma comes into the room is one of the best feelings in the world.

Typically, a heavy sleeper, I recently jumped out of my sleep and immediately said “Fur Baby Mommas” … Random right?

To make matters worse, I could not get the words out of my head! I feel that God speaks to us in different ways, so I did not want to ignore the sign he was clearly sending our way! These past years have been a difficult journey for us, and we live in a world with everyone fixating on “what’s next” so being a woman married in her 30s, my husband and I are constantly being asked “so when are you having kids?” Outside of being annoyed by the discourteous question, as a Black woman on her own intricate journey to human motherhood, I know that I am not alone in spoiling my fur baby and godchildren, so I wanted to create a platform catering to other dog moms, fur babies, rich aunties, and the kiddos that we love dearly.

We pray that one day God blesses us with a sibling for Storm but in the meantime, I will continue to spoil her with all our love, and I hope that Fur Baby Mommas™ can help do the same for you and your loved ones.